What is a Multi-arts center?

A multi-arts center is a cultural facility that serves artists and their geographic community with arts programming in three or more disciplines. While some might consider them community centers, they are truly art centers that are community focused.

Multi-arts centers provide a wide range of quality arts programming and education for the residents and visitors of their communities, and provide professional experience and economic opportunities for both emerging and established artists. Many also provide resources and professional support to help artists and other arts organizations grow, including: mentor-ship and training; employment through teaching and other positions; access to studio space, information, and funding resources; opportunities for artistic development and experimentation; and a community context in which to create their work.

While sharing a common basic mission, each multi-arts center that is part of the NYMACC coalition uniquely defines itself through its immediate community, facilities, and programs. Anchored in every region of New York State, NYMACC members are positioned to touch and enrich lives within and beyond our State's borders.

Multi-arts centers exhibit and present the arts in a high-quality, professional context.  They are neither schools nor community centers, but they educate and become the nucleus of the villages, towns, and cities where they are located. 

Finally, multi-arts centers serve as a powerful catalyst for economic and cultural revitalization. Many centers are located in previously neglected public buildings that have been renovated to become vibrant facilities that bring people together to preserve and celebrate the cultural heritage of their community.


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